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New Vistas Canine serves the greater north Austin (Texas) metropolitan area.
Cedar Park, Round Rock, Georgetown, and Leander

About Julie

My Story 

  • In 2008, I began my dog trainer career at PetSmart. I was more than blessed to get to know and train over 800 dogs and their parents in two years’ time.
  • During that time, I also did an internship with the late Lee Mannix who studied with and was endorsed by UK expert behaviorist John Roberson and received my CPDT-KA (Certified Pet Dog Trainer) in 2010.
  • Encouraged by Lee, I started my own business to help pet parents learn how to heighten communication, promote harmony, obedience, and enrichment with their dogs. He always said, “watch and listen to the dog; encourage the dog that shows up that day”!
  • I then decided to study scent work, and did so for 6 years under the late Ron Gaunt who was a co-founder of the NACSW (National Association of Canine Scent Work).
  • Over the last 14 years, I have attended and continue to attend dog training seminars to include reactivity, aggression, separation issues, impulse control, nutrition, and enrichment.
  • I recently completed, in 2021, the Master Aggression course with the famed Michael Shikahio CDBC. This course along with Michael’s mentoring program will provide my me with the tools to provide more support, insight, prevention, and management of aggressive behaviors.

My Biggest Accomplishment and What I Truly Enjoy About My Work

  • One of my most revered accomplishments in my training career included certifying three rescued pit bulls to a complex status with the nationally recognized animal assisted/pet therapy program Pet Partners. I started as a volunteer team and then went through the training for Pet Partner® Evaluator’s program so I could include that perspective into the training of future candidates for therapy and public access dogs.
  • My dogs and I specialize in volunteering for hospice work. I love every precious moment with my clients. I feel all people would benefit from the love and company of a dog as they transition home.
  • It is a joy to train dogs. It would be my pleasure to share my fun, friendly, and positive ways – all with proven solutions. It would be my pleasure to introduce a fun, friendly and organic way to train your dog.

About New Vista Canine

New Vista Canine lead trainer, Julie, is a time-honored hands-on trainer who specializes in training and boarding socially awkward dogs who need help developing alternative behaviors to aggression, fear, shyness, and reactivity.

Started in 2008, our mission is to continue to expand the possibilities with proven solutions for pet parents who love and own aggressive fearful, shy, and reactive dogs.

We launched the mobile dog training services because pet owners needed help in their homes and community where the problems are occurring.

Our Board and Train services is for pet parents who have been unable to resolve certain behavior issues that need a jump start from a professional. Julie is able to resolve issues more readily and then share the training with the pet parents in their homes.