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Daniel Williams
Daniel Williams
September 14, 2023.
Such a great trainer, she truly cares to help both you and your dog. Willing to break it down to help both parties learn and adjust to new behaviors. Definitely would recommend.
Samantha Castillo
Samantha Castillo
August 18, 2023.
Julie was so helpful providing clear instructions for establishing the best environment and schedule for our new puppy. The transition was so smooth due to these insights and tips. She had recommendations for training books, items to buy on Amazon, lists and charts to follow, and contacts for nutrition. Although too far for in person training with her, she provided so much help to our family adapting to life with a puppy. Thank you Julie!
Becky Fest
Becky Fest
August 5, 2023.
We didn’t know what we were getting into when we added a second doodle to the mix and were completely overwhelmed. In came Julie to save the day. She came right in, asked what our main goals were and got right to work. Her connection to both humans and animals is unmatched and I knew instantly how much she cared about both me and my pups. We decided to send Mosley for a few week board and train where she got all his basic obedience, leash walking and more set up and in place for us. If you’re looking for a trainer who truly has you and your pets best interest at heart, then reach out to New Vistas Canine now!
Deborah NORMAN
Deborah NORMAN
July 4, 2023.
My veterinarian actually recommended Julie because of my Lucy being so people aggressive. I was so afraid to take Lucy out anywhere because she would bark and snap at anyone that came close to me. I was a prisoner in my own house. Julie recognize the problem and trained both me and Lucy how to over come her aggression. Julie never gave up on us!!! I am able to take Lucy walking now. Ever month when we see the vet she comments on how much Lucy has improved.
Larrisa Wilkinson
Larrisa Wilkinson
June 28, 2023.
Julie is a SUPERHERO and she saved our family! We adopted an adorable and loving pitbull over a year ago, and although she is incredible with humans (big and small) she is VERY dog reactive. We worried about being able to give our deserving pup a full life and not having to limit our own. When we moved to ATX and found Julie, it felt like divine intervention! She is direct, has a ton of expertise and knowledge, and deeply passionate about what she does (a woman after my own heart!) I was nervous about her meeting our pup and thinking she was beyond help. But, Julie instantly fell in love with our girl and her belief in what she could do was ABUNDANT (I get tears writing this!). Julie not only trained our pup beyond limits we never could have imagined, she was also equally dedicated to working with us to become capable and responsible handlers that could keep our girl safe and able to go on her daily walks and visits around the city. We are deeply grateful for Julie’s gift at training pups (and dog parents) through loving, positive, and humane behavior strategies that have enabled our sweet pitbull to live a rich and enjoyable life. Julie has become a dear family friend ❤️ and we love her immensely! Also, Julie’s favorite training treats are goldfish crackers! We always made sure to have a bowl ready for our sessions when she came over 🙂 Julie deserved all the thanks in the world after our sessions. With love and gratitude! Xoxo (Luna sends BIG happy, sloppy kisses to you!) This picture tells our whole story <3
Craig Condon
Craig Condon
June 11, 2023.
Julie was AMAZING! We adopted our pup, Luna, about a year before we started working with Julie. Luna was super sweet to people but very dog aggressive. We saw massive improvements in so many aspects of our dog's life(and our own). She taught us the skills we needed to keep our dog happy and safe. We gained so much confidence in ourselves and showed us we can do things with our pup we didn't know would be possible. THANK YOU JULIE!!!!!
Madison Tennant
Madison Tennant
May 30, 2023.
Julie is absolutely amazing! My dog was absolutely obsessed with her after our first session. We focused on reactivity, loose leash walking, and Ruth’s all around anxiety. Julie helped me understand my dog better and how to guide her through day to day ventures. Thank you so much again! Me and Ruth will miss y’all 🙂
Leslie Jay
Leslie Jay
April 21, 2023.
We contacted Julie because we were struggling with our rescue Shadow. He attacked our little dog and another dog in our family. He also growled and lunged at other dogs he saw. Julie was able to teach us what to do to create harmony in our home. These two dogs are becoming friends. Thank you Julie. Shadow was meant to be with us and he is the sweetest dog ever. He loves people. We consider Julie a life long friend!
Jake Hyland
Jake Hyland
April 19, 2023.
We had a phenomenal experience with Julie! We reached out to Julie because our doggo, Loki, had been struggling with obedience, recall, reactivity and leash manners. Julie came right on in and helped us address each individual issue we were concerned about. It's though introducing strangers into your dogs life but with Julie, it felt natural and Loki loved our training days each week because he knew there would be lots of opportunity for rewards/treats! With our training concluded, we've walked away with an abundance of new knowledge to help give Loki the direction he needs and deserves. 10/10 experience, couldn't have asked for more!
  •   I have worked extensively with Julie with multiple dogs.  The first, Jinx, was an older rescue dog we got for my elderly father-in-law.  The dog was afraid of everything.  She was also a runner and escaped every chance she got.  Within a few sessions this dog had totally changed.  She's bright, energetic and happy.  And we can let her off leash and not worry about her bolting from us.

    However, more personal to me are my 4 rescue dogs.  Over the summer I added a 4th dog, Tiffany, and that totally changed the dynamic of my household.  After a few sessions with the group as a whole Tiffany spent the month of December boarded with Julie.  This was the game changer.  We honestly didn't know if Tiffany would make it past day 1 because she was so attached to me.  After her daily sessions with Julie she was a new dog.  She's confident to be alone, plays well with the other dogs and is the sweetest thing ever.  I truly believe Julie made this happen for us and I am thrilled with the results.  

    I highly recommend Julie to anyone looking for training for their dogs from potty training, walking loosely on leash, stay commands, come, fearfulness, you name it and she does it.

    You won't be disappointed!!! And your dogs will be so much happier after working with her.

    thumb Elaine J.
  •   My dog, Harvey and I had been working with a trainer weekly, however we weren't getting the expertise Harvey and our family required. Harvey was starting to have guarding and reactivity issues, so we had to step-up the training.

    Julie at New Vistas was recommended by a friend, so we called her up for help. After discussing his issues, she provided a very thorough consultation and we opted to move forward with the month-long 'Board and Train' immersive.

    While we had to wait to get Harvey in, the wait was WELL WORTH IT! The training she provided for Harvey (and us each week) was invaluable. She spent many hours training him at New Vistas, and in various locations engaging with different people to work on his reactivity challenges. While training him, she also equipped us with techniques to better manage him.

    Julie's training style, professionalism and admiration of dogs is what really sets her apart. We trust her wholeheartedly with our dog, and couldn't recommend her training services more. Thank you Julie!!

    thumb Amy V.
  •   Julie has worked miracles with my crazy 11-month-old GSD. I was to the point of aggravation and major frustration. I was trying to work with Stella, and she would not respond to me at all and just did her own thing. Not knowing what to do I turned to Julie and it was the best thing I could have done. We boarded Stella for 30 days as I knew she would need every bit of it. Now I can say Stella is still a work in progress, but I am now able to take her on walks without her dragging me around, eat my dinner why she is in a place and not in my face and is just a whole new dog. If your looking for someone who cares and is willing to do whatever it takes to help you get to your end goal, then get on over to Julie and see what she can do for you. You won't regret it!

    thumb Jacob M.
  •   When my wife and I found out we were pregnant with our first child we decided to hire a dog trainer to prep both our dogs for our daughter's arrival.  After interviewing 2 other trainers, we decided on going with Julie and haven't regretted it since.  Julie is a straight shooter and sets clear defined expectations from the get-go.  With each lesson we had a clear goal and a structured path on how to get there. One thing I will say is that you get out of it what you put into it. Julie will give you all the tools that you need to apply yourself in order to get the best results. It's clear from your interactions with Julie that she truly cares and as an advocate for the look up dogs as well as their owners. I would highly recommend Julie to train your dogs no matter how young or old they are. When we started my dogs were three years old and 5 years old and the changes we saw were truly remarkable.

    thumb Robert V.
  •   I have done nose work classes with Julie in the past (pre second baby), and that's how are acquainted. I like her sharp humor and approach with the dogs.

    Unfortunately my free time is non existent so I don't do classes anymore. Good news is that my dogs can still visit Julie because she boards. I'm not going to leave my dogs just anywhere. One of my dogs is old, and just a little nervous in new places, so he comes to Rancho Mondo along with his tiny sidekick.

    They come home happy, well fed, and I have no concerns while I'm gone.

    **I should also mention that when I did classes, she welcomed my baby to come. He was an infant so he hung out in his stroller, but it was still really cool. I brought my 13 y/o to classes too and Julie was really encouraging and sweet towards her.

    If you care about your dog, can take a joke, as well as constructive feedback, call Julie at Rancho Mondo.

    thumb Sara O.
  •   My energetic part-husky mix, Frost,  flunked out of the group class at the pet store. Doing private lessons with Julie Eskoff turned my dog around. She is still energetic, of course, but with much better manners. People in my cul-de-sac comment on how much better behaved Frost is now!

    thumb Laura G.
  •   I've worked with Julie for nearly a year.  She has been fabulous.  Lilo & I take Noseworks with her and are about to go to our very first trial.  I am completely confident, because Julie has prepared us so well.  I really appreciate that she tailors her instruction to the needs of each dog - no cookie cutter here!

    thumb hepzibah h.
  •   I first met Julie years ago while she was the go to trainer at a big box pet store, where I might add, she outshone others, and I knew it was just a matter of time before she spread her wings and shared her gifts on a more personal level.

    A quick synopsis of our days training with her: We put our challenged pittie, Pickles, through two levels of training courses with Julie. Pickles was not your average pittie. He was very LOW energy, got frightened when people stared him in the eye, and was afraid of concrete floors (wha?!!).

    Cut to training: slowly but surely, Pickles eventually became an excitable pup with no fear of the hard and shiny concrete floors he was forced to ice skate across. Oh yes, and he also learned how to sit, stay, relax (with only hand gestures) and "leave it" in the midst of it all. He is now an absolute joy.

    Most recently, we had a Christmas portrait photo op with Pickles and Julie, which she dubs, The "Red Couch" portraits. The photos came out fantastic and are a must do for anyone who is as obsessed with their pooch(es) as I am. She even donates a portion of the proceeds to a local Pittie rescue group.

    Summing it up-- Julie is God's gift to all things dog.

    thumb Michelle L.
  •   I am a professional Dog Walker and I got a call from Julie Eskoff, owner of Rancho Mondo NW Canine Center asking for help sitting and walking seven of her dogs while she would be away on business in Houston. Out of the three Jack Russell's and four Pit Bulls, one dog in particular grabbed my attention and captivated me. Murphy is an 80lb Pit Bull who was rescued from a shelter...and had been with Julie for just 5 months. She turned him from a dog with no rules to an obedient big softie who now walks loose leash, sits to greet and knows how to heal. She even taught Pearl, another of her Pit Bulls, how to speak with an inside voice and an outside voice. Now how do you even start to do that? Ask Julie, she knows!

    thumb Paul B.
  •   I called Julie Eskoff because my new puppy everyday behavior was driving me nuts. As a professional who works from home, it was extra stress I sure didn't need. So, off to Rancho Mondo NW I took him for the Board & Train puppy program.

    From the very instant we arrived, Julie had my dog doing exactly what she wanted. Quite simply put, she's an expert at canine communication and training; she and her team are fully committed and passionate about dog training.

    The results were a well-trained puppy who enjoys the homework training we do together. Thanks to Julie, my dog is trained, the stress is gone, and my well-behaved puppy brings me lots of joy.

    thumb Christopher R.