New Vistas Canine Mobile Dog Training & Boarding

New Vistas Canine serves the greater north Austin (Texas) metropolitan area.
Cedar Park, Round Rock, Georgetown, and Leander



All New Vistas Canine Inc. dog training programs begin with an in-person evaluation. These evaluations along with completed paperwork help Julie determine your next steps in training. Julie will leave you with solutions that day!

Board and Train Program

  • 28 days
  • No human aggressive dogs
  • Investment
    • Adult dogs: $3,000
    • Puppies: $3,500

Puppy board and train includes crate training, socialization, and potty training. All training goals are solidified from an extensive interview with the pet owners before the dog comes into training. Spots are limited to one board and train dog each month. Reach out to us immediately to get on the wait list. 28 days training based on the owners needs and goals (3) one-hour private lessons with the owner and family in Julie’s training room. (After the first week). Daily logging of activity with your dog to include fun and frolic! Videos of daily progression to keep for home use uploaded to Google drive to access anytime! Training the Best Dog Ever book to take home that helps keep you organized and informed while you continue your home training. Home delivery with a lesson is included with Board and Train services. Julie will deliver your dog home after the 28-day board and train. This includes a two-hour private lesson/discussion to aid your dog’s transition home.

Aggression / Reactive Dogs Training Program

Phase 1

  • 6 Week Program
  • 6 Sessions, 2 1/2 hour sessions
  • Investment: $1,550

Starting with prevention and management, Julie then moves into decreasing stress with exercise and positive experiences. These steps help prepare the dog for the desensitizing/counter condition protocols that expand your dog’s possibilities. Julie is an advocate of improving the relationship with your dog, as well as more environmental enrichment, foundation training, and then moving into more target behavior modification.

Phase 2

  • Prerequisite: Phase 1
  • 6 Week Program
  • 6 Sessions, 2 1/2 hour sessions
  • Investment:
    • $1,305 (only if you sign up in before the end of Phase 1)
    • $1,550 otherwise

House Manners Program

  • 5 Week Program, 5 Sessions
  • 1 ½ hour to 2 hours sessions
  • Investment: $1,150

Note: If you sign up to continue your dog’s training on week 5 as you complete the House Manners course, Julie will give you a 10% discount toward the Community Manners course below.

A fun and informative 5 Week program for all dogs of any age. This service includes Julie coming to your home once a week, a book called Training the Best Dog Ever that has a concise weekly study guide that help keeps you motivated and organized with your training in between lessons with Julie. Julie also documents and archives all your training photos, tips, homework, videos, and handouts in a folder on Google Drive for you to access even after that program is completed.

Community Manners Program

  • 5 Week Program
  • 5 Sessions, 1 ½ – 2 hour sessions
  • Prerequisite: House Manners Program above or similar skills
  • Investment: $1,150

Available as it’s own course or a continuation of House Manners, Julie takes you and your dog out into your community.  You will apply your basic obedience skills out and about with Julie’s support. Julie encourages House Manners graduates to work and play with their dog for a week before your start Community Manners.

Julie will continue to document and archive all your training photos, tips, homework, videos, and handouts in a folder on Google Drive for you to access even after that program is completed.


All puppies under 3 months of age – free evaluations

In Person Basic Obedience Evaluation
Session Length: 1 ½ hours – 2 hours
Investment: $250
Julie likes to work comprehensively in developing solutions for you and your dog. She wants to see what a day in the life of your dog looks like in relations to your day and how your home is set up to support your goals. Julie will leave you with solutions that day while helping determine the next step in your training.

In Person Aggression / Reactive Dogs Evaluation
Session Length: 2 ½ hours
Investment: $250
Julie will help you determine if your dog is truly aggressive or not. Julie has completed the Master Aggression Course with famed Michael Shikashio and continues to study steps and programs that help expand the possibilities in the community for socially awkward dogs. Julie will develop the signature program for you dog on how to start the journey to more self-control of their aggressive reactions.

Ask The Trainer

Ask the Trainer: For new and existing per parents who need quick solutions for their dog’s basic obedience challenges. This service is not available  for aggression, reactive dog, or separation anxiety cases. By appointment only. For pet parents who cannot meet in person. These sessions are held via Zoom.

  • 1 1/2 Hours: $125
  • 45 minutes: $55

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